Certified Translation & Secretarial Services

Helping businesses, institutions and individuals achieve their goals using professional translation and language support


Do you have a translation project that has a high professional, financial or personal value?

Translation & Secretarial Services helps companies and institutions to successfully work across borders using professional translations as a business strategy. Our service focuses on business, legal and international development translations as well as certification. We cover a range of additional topics upon request. Communicate well with your business partners by speaking their language!

We equally help individuals and families to complete a wide range of personal and administrative tasks thanks to professional and certified translations. This service includes the translation of all forms of civil certificates, medical notes, prenuptial agreements and beyond. Please use the contact form below to ask about help for your topic and language combination.

We offer a variety of language combinations while specialising in French-English translations. This service includes the certified translation of documents for official purposes concerning the Home Office, banks, employers, insurance companies etc.

If your translation has a professional, financial or personal value it always makes sense to use a professional translation service. In the long run, your initial investment saves you time, money and effort. Contact us here to save time and money by letting us take care of your translation tasks.

Alternatively, click here to find out more about our handy SECRETARIAL SERVICES.

Expert language Services:

• Specialised translations
• Bilingual proofreading
• Monolingual proofreading
• Certified translations
• Notarised translations
• Terminology and glossary management
• Quality control
• Reviewing your existing translations
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The benefits of using expert translations:

For businesses and institutions
• Successfully complete professional tasks
• Enhance your business communications
• Facilitate cross-border transactions
• Boost staff engagement
• Better legal protection
• Raise your business profile
• Reach new international markets

Translation & Secretarial Services takes pride in offering one-to-one customer service. We listen to your request, and then offer a translation product tailored to suit your business goals. Use the contact form below to request a free quote, or to book an online appointment or call.

All work undertaken is treated as private and confidential, and we take steps to safeguard your information.

For individuals and families
• Successfully complete personal tasks
• Receive professionally formatted certificates
• Passport and visa applications promptly accepted thanks to using certified translations

• Understand what you are signing
• Avoid costly mistakes in documents

Let us take care of your language tasks and calls, allowing you to save time and money thanks to professional help. We take the hassle out of translation and admin tasks!

Secretarial Services

We offer translation-related secretarial services to provide you with documents that suit your goals, and also to reduce fees where possible. For example, we can make electronic copies of your documents and anonymise your data (removing names, addresses etc.) or make shortened versions to only translate what you really need.

Our general secretarial services include completing administrative tasks such as making phone calls on your behalf to make your business or personal dealings easier. Have you considered using bilingual templates to make your business run more smoothly? We can produce stylish templates (bilingual or monolingual) tailored to your industry or goal. See here to view our handy secretarial services.

Who are we?

Translation & Secretarial Services is managed by Julie Barber, a certified French to English translator. Julie works alongside other experienced professionals to cover a range of languages and topics. Read our testimonials here.


We are based in the heart of Cheshire (UK) and serve clients worldwide. We take pride in being a professional and friendly service.

Do you have a translation project or a question? For a free consultation and quote, call today on +44 (0)7954 693 561 or use the forms below. We will be very happy to assist you!

Certified translation services for companies, institutions and individuals

Your projects, our expertise

Company Secretarial
Documents for Companies House
Corporate Governance
Reports & Accounts
Environmental, Social and Governance reports (ESG)


Certified translations
Birth certificates
Marriage certificates
Death certificates
University certificates etc.
Identity papers and passports
Police record checks / certificates of good conduct


Medical Reports


Social Sciences
International Development
NGO and Not-for-Profit


Certified translation services for companies, institutions and individuals

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